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We are proud to have achieved what we believe to be a new benchmark for sustainability in the Australian music industry in the production of our sleeves for physical stock. For both vinyl and CDs, we have been able to manufacture domestically while avoiding Nippon Paper products*. All of our merchandise, including physical records, is locally sourced and carbon neutral, while all paper we use for packaging is 100% post-consumer waste recycled and milled in Australia. While we do not use shrink wrap as it's vacuously wasteful, our vinyl comes in a 100% recycled, locally made LDPE sleeve which can be used as a permanent protective sleeve for your album. Please advise upon order if you don't need a sleeve. This is even better!

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* We are unable to vouch for the sustainability of the paper inner sleeve in the vinyl LP. We did not assemble or order this ourselves, and therefore cannot vouch for the sustainability of it in any way. This being said, it's better than our only other option (virgin plastic) and only a very small part of the overall physical product. We are working on a supply chain for sustainable inner sleeves, as none currently exist!

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